Your memories of your child are dear

Loved Lost Remembered scrapbook memorial for Elijah Adamson by CorComm CreativeWe know you experienced the most heart-wrenching pain possible when you lost a child. And we know that the pain didn't stop when you laid your child to rest. You deal with the reality every single day, and you replay memories in your mind, over and over again.

Those memories are what get you through. They're what you hold dear, since you can no longer hold your child in your arms.

We want to help you honor your child and the memories you have of him or her. We want to give you a place to go when you're feeling blue. We want to give you a tangible album of memories for you to share with others who loved your child as you did.

We are now creating high-quality, professionally designed memorial albums for families who have lost children. We have just begun our first album (in 2017), and they will take a considerable amount of time to make. Watch our blog and this page for updates about our progress.

The albums will be professionally bound in hardback form, and we will provide each family with at least two copies of the finished album.

We want these albums to be a true gift to the parents, so we are not asking them to pay for the design or printing. Instead, we are hopeful that individuals with a heart for giving will chip in to pay for printing if they feel led. The time for design will be primarily donated to the families.

If you're interested in chipping in to pay for an album, please visit our GoFundMe page.

For more about this project, contact Corie Farnsley.

The story of Loved Lost Remembered

More than 15 years ago, through a project at work, a little baby I (Corie) never met touched my heart. Her name was Abigail Hope Burton, and she only lived for a few short hours after birth. Her mom, Becky, and I quickly became friends as we worked with media to share baby Abigail's story of being the first infant organ donor at the hospital where I worked.

Becky and I shared a passion for scrapbooking, and she shared with me an amazing album she had created of her baby girl's short life. I was indescribably touched by this loving mom's tribute to her little girl.

Since then, I have been touched by many more moms who have experienced the heartache of losing children — some before birth, some young babies, some teenagers, some in their early 20s. Their stories have stuck with me, and over the years, I have had a growing desire to do something for moms and dads who have lost children. In my heart, I kept coming back to little Abigail Burton, her sweet mama and that scrapbook that captured her short life.

Loved Lost Remembered is our way of honoring moms and dads who have been faced with the ultimate heartbreak.

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