You're just curious...

... and you are wondering what in the world we do.

We're glad you stopped by.

We do a lot, but we won't provide a laundry list here. We believe that often, less is more. So here's the short story:

We bridge a gap between a business' or not-for-profit's staff and the people who are most influenced by their work.

We help people understand what one does and how the other is affected.

That's the simplest explanation.

If you're hungry for a little more, we encourage you to browse our site, explore our portfolio and ask us questions by email or phone.

Like marketing, but different.

We're not just tooting our clients' horns or convincing people that our clients are amazing. We're not trying to sell products.

We're telling stories.

We produce a variety of tools that work together to help people understand...

  • what is happening behind the scenes of a not-for-profit
  • how families are affected by legislation our client is working to improve
  • what our clients' research shows about our culture
  • how a business is growing, struggling or making a difference in its community
  • how a business can make life easier for its clients

Feel free to call or email us if you have a story to tell and want to know if we can help.

We likely can.

Portfolio samples

Trade Show Display Design Portfolio Sample Ad Series: Bridal Services & Event Portfolio Sample

CorComm Creative, LLC

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Our Team

Corie Farnsley, Owner & Communications Director

Melissa Brown, Communications Manager

Jennifer Forrest, Graphic Designer

Noah Farnsley, Graphic Design Intern

Kirsten Simon, Office Manager